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This short message is for struggling artists only. If you’re doing okay in the music biz, paying for the roof over your head and much more besides, then give the other guys a chance. They need this more than you. Give them a break to break into the big time. Let them have it free and easy just for a short while until they can get their first tracks out of the way. Let them show the producers their promise. As for the rest of you, time to listen up.

You’re struggling right. Things are just so expensive. It’s just so bad you can’t even afford second hand equipment that’s going to work well for your music and production biz. But here’s a group of professional guys who’ve put together a really awesome line of beats for you to work on. The good thing about these online deals is that when you buy rap beats online, they’re really quite affordable. And if you don’t have your own credit or debit card, ask your mom or dad to purchase those beats for you in the meantime.

They can surely help you out with a few bob. You can always pay them back later on. And boy, could you be rewarding them. Big time, when you think about it. Just imagine what if you hit the big time after producing a couple of hits from these downloads. Wouldn’t they be so proud of you, right? Never mind not being the first kid in your family to get into college. You’re gonna be the first in your family to be famous.

Sounds like and free and easy dreams. That’s how it goes. You’ve got to start dreaming of the big time while you’re working off a sweat in the garage.