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That’s funny, action movies remain the most popular movie genre for men and women of all ages. Granted, most of the time, it is a majority of red-blooded males, young and old, who are throwing their weight of choice behind the favorite action movie heroes. Girls, no matter what their age, like their romances, and here again, there is a rich variety of choices to be made from the romance genre catalogues of 123movies.

But let’s not forget that the band of girl action movie fans is growing bigger and stronger every year. Like the boys, the girls have their own comic book movie genre heroes. Whether it is to do with the feminist appeal of seeing more female action heroes in action is not up for debate. Girls must be honest; they do love their handsome, muscular super strongmen, Batman and Superman being two of the most popular hits.

Guys, of course, will have no problem in admitting that they often drool at night about the ever-sexy but dangerous Cat Woman. They don’t care about whether she is having it off with the Bat. It is all about the fun and exhilaration that goes with being a comic book and movie fanatic. Popular movie choices always seem to start with the action. It is quite by convenient default, really. That’s because of the ABC listing. Action movies therefore go to the top of the list.

But then again, if the letter z is the last letter of the twenty-four letter English alphabet, why are zombie movie and TV genres so popular these days. Could this be because many folks have a morbid fascination with death or something that closely resembles it?